You Can’t Win, You Can Only Lose a Little Less: Eric Dezenhall, Crisis Communications Specialist and Author of “Damage Control,”

Eric Dezenhall, CEO of Dezenhall Resources and coauthor of "Damage Control," (click here for an April post about that book) counsels drug companies to leave the fighting to PhRMA.  But don't expect PhRMA to win this fight, he says.  It can only lose a little less.  "Moore's a guerilla fighter," he says.  "The industry is not equipped to fight a guerilla war and Moore has a great and sexy story to tell."  Click here to watch Dezenhall's interview on Bloomberg yesterday. If you're curious about "Damage Control," the book Dezenhall coauthored, here's an excerpt focusing on how J&J handled the infamous Tylenol crisis. More advice? Don't attack the messenger, focus on the message, with short, emotionally resonant stories refuting some key points.  (Drug Wonks already tried this approach by citing a New York Times article on Moore's Cuba experiment.  Click here to read the "Inconvenient Truth" ) Moore's SICKO can only stimulate more debate about extremely important issues.  As with all his films, the discerning viewer can filter out any distortions.  I can't wait to see the movie.  And now for a riddle:  What do Che Guevara, U.S. boxer Muhammed Ali, Ronald Reagan, Barak Obama and Michael Moore all have in common?  The answer:  Irish ancestors.  For more, read on.