U.S. Gets Failing Grades for its Global AIDS Efforts

PEPFAR, the multi-billion-dollar program launched by the U.S. government with the lofty goal of eradicating AIDS in developing nations, has just received tremendous criticism from the Center for Public Integrity, which released its report ( reportedly the result of one year of investigative research) called "Divine Intervention" today.  The group alleges that the program focused too narrowly  on public service messages advocating abstinence, and that, at times, "ideology has trumped science."  It also draws attention to the fact that generics, rather than costly name brand medications approved by FDA, have been approved for the program.  (Could this argument be beside the point, given the huge cost of the name-brand drugs, especially if the less costly alternatives work?  Especially since some of them have been approved by FDA?) No politics here, but it is tragic to see funding of this magnitude failing to achieve results (particularly in light of "that other initiative" launched around the same time as PEPFAR). -AMS