So You Want Press Coverage, Do You? How to Ensure That Your Message Doesn’t End Up on the Cutting Room Floor

Covering the pharmaceutical industry as a journalist of any type is a challenge, especially for a journal that claims to promote "best practices." We've found it difficult on occasion. Approved technical articles are sometimes withdrawn at the zero hour because one v.p. or lawyer didn't see them---articles that could take a year to conceptualize and develop. Companies will disclose information at public meetings, yet refuse to put anything in an article. Ancient problems with FDA that were resolved ages ago are still considered "too controversial" to make into "best practices" articles, even when they make the company involved "look good." And even the most mundane best practices are guarded as "trade secrets." The key to getting more coverage in any technical magazine is eliminating spin, marketing speak and emphasizing important information that readers will actually care about and that will help them. The Scientist just featured an Editorial that says it all. Click here to read.