Scientists Are from Mars, the Rest of Us from Venus?

New research out from the Pew Research Center says that scientists and engineers think differently than the rest of the American public. Okay, no big surprise there. But the dramatically different views that scientists have on issues such as climate change from the perspectives that others have suggests that scientists need to tell us more about what they think, and find out more about what the public thinks, and why.


What's more, the public gives American scientists more credit for their brilliance than scientists give themselves.

Here is the published research, and here is an excerpt from the New York Times article linked to above:

[The research] found that at least two-thirds of Americans hold scientists and engineers in high regard, but the feeling is hardly mutual.

The report said 85 percent of science association members surveyed said public ignorance of science was a major problem. And by large margins they deride as only “fair” or “poor” the coverage of science by newspapers and television.

Only 3 percent of the scientists said they “often” spoke to reporters.

Here's one reporter that loves to hear from scientists and engineers any time they're willing to talk.