Saluting Two Heroes in Informed Healthcare: Gregory Pawelski and Julia Schopick

Although some doctors may mourn the passing of the "Physician is God" era, we've moved on to a time when  informed patients,  their caregivers and family members will play an active and important role in improving healthcare throughout the world.  Michael Moore's latest work suggests that we may only be at the beginning of this era, but change is coming and it's good. Two inspiring examples: Gregory D Pawelski, who took a new take on "Buckets of Money", in an article that was published in the Online Journal of Health Ethics about the inherent conflicts of interest in selling oncology therapies. In it, he comments on recent research into the subject by Michigan and Harvard universities. Pawelski says he became intensely interested in ovarian cancer when his wife was stricken by the disease.  "I've gotten a street education by virtue of voluminous reading and hundreds of hours of past and ongoing personal communication with noted authorities in the field.." he writes. " To read his commentary, click here. Another is Julia Schopick, public relations consultant and former college English teacher whose blog, Honest Medicine, is dedicated to improving the way that people interact with the medical system. Ms. Schopick established the blog in memory of her husband,who died of a brain tumor two years ago, in the hope that her experience navigating the U.S. healthcare system and "medical industry" during her husband's illness might make it easier for others.  Ms. Schopick recently reviewed Michael Moore's SICKO (read here). Hat Tip to Pharmagossip, on both counts. -AMS