Quality By Design to Generate More C-Level Interest Than PAT: Philippe Cini of Tunnell Consulting

We recently interviewed Tunnell Consulting expert, Phillipe Cini, for his perspectives on Quality by Design, Lean Manufacturing, and Process Analytical Technologies. Cini, in a previous life at BMS, had overseen the $7.8-billion acquisition and integration of DuPont Pharmaceuticals. More pharma managers are becoming interested in Lean,  and improving inventory management saves the typical pharma company in the tens of millions of dollars.  Improving quality, however, and moving to a "quality by design" model, he suggests, could offer savings on the order of $1.5 billion. "If I were a CEO, I'd pay a lot more attention to the cost of quality. Inventory savings in the neighborhood of $100 million are good, but they aren't enough to change the fate of a company," he say.  He also suggests that PAT had been hampered in the past because many of its advocates couldn't translate their message into "CEO-speak" to receive buy-in from top management. To read this interview, check out May's issue of PAT Insider. -AMS