Peter Rost on Whistleblowing's contributor Ed Silverman, lead healthcare reporter for the Newark Star Ledger just did a very interesting interview with one of pharma's most enigmatic and interesting figures: Dr. Peter Rost. 

In it, he reveals some of the questions that had puzzled me for so long—why he remained at Pfizer for so long and why he sued them for wrongful termination, why he decided to speak out in favor of drug reimportation while his qui tam suit was pending, why his blogging had strayed so far from the issues he'd espoused.  He also talks about his new career as a writer and a new thriller novel, "The Wolf Pack" that he is working on. 

At times the Peter Rost appearing in the press can appear arrogant and paranoid, and almost like the "Madonna" of pharma (or at least the Madonna of the 1990s before she learned how tedious it all can be), eager to be in the public eye.  His candor in this interview, instead, speaks of resilience and courage. 

Now if we could only get the video up on our site.  Attached, a low resolution video (still 20 mg) and a written transcript.