Off to BIO and A Blast from the Past

Just wanted to update this blog a bit; time has been extremely scarce, so I marvel at steady bloggers (Pharmagossip, Pharmalot, Mack et al), at our competitors (PharmTech editors are doing a nice job) and at Christiane Truelove and Bob Ehrlich who are now doing daily updates and e-newsletters on pharma blogging.   Will be heading off to BIO next week and attempting  to provide a somewhat steady feed of impressions from the show.  For the first year, the group has launched an official blog, with FaceBook and LinkedIn groups, and a repository of photos on FlickR.  The organization is also making it easier for reporters to podcast and video at the show.   Maybe other pharma organizations should take note. Maybe I'll run into one or two of you there? Since it is Friday, and the end of another busy week, thought I'd leave you with something completely different....ever have one of those "whatever happened to so-and-so" moments?  I'd been wondering recently about why we never seemed to hear from Chris De Burgh....well-known in the 1980s, he wrote and performed some nice songs with nice, atmospheric lyrics.  Of course, he's known in the states for "Lady in Red" (not one of his better songs), he is now singing in other, perhaps misunderstood parts of the world which share some characteristics with Irish culture: love of poetry and music, predominance (at times in their histories) of religious orthodoxy....for more, read on and watch.   Perhaps this may help end some stereotypes---please note the backup singers. Until next week AMS