New Use for Your Blackberry: Diagnosing Diabetes?

Accounting Web reports that the State of Washington has banned DWT, or  "driving while texting," which caused a number of serious highway accidents recently. If it doesn't kill you or alienate your family, your blackberry may actually be used as a health diagnostic tool. A subsidiary of Hathaway Corp. called DDI is developing a new solution...Here's more on the company, and here's the press note they sent on their participation in the May Wireless Enterprise Symposium. DDI's patented early stage diabetes detection device will allow physicians to diagnose neuropathy and early stage diabetes by holding a Blackberry® against a patient's leg or other extremity to test for quantified sensation levels. This data can then be wirelessly sent to a clinical information system for further analysis."To be included in the BlackBerry® Solutions Guide at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium further solidifies our continued alliance with RIM to bring cutting-edge solutions to BlackBerry® users in the medical field. The end goal for DDI is to have this device made available to as many physicians as possible so this dreaded disease can be diagnosed early and save lives," stated Mr. Sadruddin Currimbhoy, COO of Hathaway.