More evidence of Hyperpanaceaphagia: Over 300,000 People Duped by Havidol Parody Drug Web Site

The U.S. public is gripped by an expensive disease, that, fortunately, isn't always deadly: hyperpanaceaphagia, also known as Barnum's Syndrome, evidenced by a willingness to try anything in pill form that promises to make 21st century life any easier. Recent evidence of this condition?  Over 300,000 people clicked on, official web site for a new drug designed to cure Dysphoric Social Attention Consumption Deficit Anxiety Disorder. On March 10 at 5 PM, at the Danyal Mahmood art gallery in New York City, Australian multimedia artist Justine Cooper will be talking about the web site, part of her new exhibit, a social commentary in the form of a multimedia ad campaign (For an article on the exhibit, click here. ) There are so many drug parodies on YouTube and everywhere else that I was a bit late to discover Havidol, which will be on display until March 17 at the Danyul Mahmood art galleryPharma Gossip had mentioned its web site over a month ago, and all of the top drug marketing blogs have picked up on it. But the sad fact is that the web site had so many visitors (and most of them aren't avant garde art lovers either). -AMS