Moblogging, Anyone?

News of the iPhone launch has brought more mention about the latest Web 2.0 craze, Mo-blogging, or using a cell phone to send videos, photos and text over the wireless phone network to a web page.  One company, JuiceCaster, is already doing this and allowing its members to display audio or video on any web page or blog., via their cell phones. Many media companies are already capitalizing on mobile phone media, or trying to.  Should blogs be made accessible to cell phones? I'm extremely myopic and have trouble texting or reading anything on a cell phone, even with glasses, so it would have to be very "iconic" and stripped down to the bare bones to make any sense to me.   This blog would post like this: Bravo, drug mfg. Studies sho progress u cn do it. Peter Rost, for instance, would have to adapt his posts as follows: Pfizer Bad Nu whistleblowr sez Kindler yells at sec'y. Drug Wonks would have to post like this: Rost Rong Kindler's best boss ever, sec'y says. (Drug Wonks did criticize Rost ("and his band of munchkins") for Rost's comments on what may be a new Pfizer whistleblower case involving Viracept, the story on Pharmalot Tuesday.  Unfortunately, the "critique" took a very insulting tone, but in the pharma blogging microcosm, such "exchanges " are apparently the order of business)  But seriously, some of us are already proving that pharma blogs can be tailored to the newer medium. Leading the pack appears to be pharma blogger Ed Vawter, who does some podcast consulting (as well as his own podcasting) and has recently made his QDis blog accessible via cell phone.  More on this from Ed himself. (He also mentions the plugins required for Wordpress). Are more of you pharma bloggers exploring mobile?  How's it going? LMK that wud b gr8. (Word has it that that kind of texting is already passe---this learning curve promises to be long for some of us) -AMS