Interview with Six Sigma Rock Star Peter Pande and a Look at Six Sigma, The Rock Band

Will be interviewing Six Sigma expert Peter Pande today for his insights into six sigma in Pharma, and, in particular, how the concept fits with R&D.  Is it possible to take a more systematic "DMAIC" approach to innovation, or does that, by definition, destroy the essence of the creative process and lead to promising drugs abandoned too soon, or promising research labs carelessly sold, and valuable human assets---the talents and skills of highly trained and motivated researchers---wasted? In the meantime, I've just discovered the Cincinnati based rock band, Six Sigma, who count The Police among their influences.  Here's a video of theirs on YouTube, and a link to audio and video on their web site . Lead guitarist's Joe Beck's philosophy sounds pretty good to me. "It's all about ideology and trying to be the best person you can be in what you do," explains guitarist Joe Beck, "(and) how to eliminate your weaknesses to achieve a perfect performance."While off-stage the band is lighthearted and friendly, it's clear that they carry a strong message. They might sound pissed off but, upon careful dissection, you'll notice that much of 6 Sigma is not about contempt and hatred, but more about the struggle to attain a perfect existence."We try to keep it positive. That's one thing I don't see enough in Rock music. Things could always be worse. You can still have angry-sounding music and be angry in your music but, in all, it has to come back to finding your balance," Reichert says sternly between bouts of cackling laughter. From Bio by - Jacob Richardson, on  With apologies to the hip among you and, in particular my teenaged daughter, who is fond of using the "L" word (for "lame") to describe actions taken by 90% of those 40 and up, particularly those of her opera-nerd mother, I say, "Rock on, guys!" You'll find the interview with Mr. Pande in our next issue and on our web site. -AMS