How Far We've Come: Radio Program Looks at Roots of PAT/QbD

I spoke yesterday with Rutgers' Fernando Muzzio, just to catch up on what's happening with the C-SOPS (Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems) project that his institution, as well as Purdue, NJIT, and PR Mayaguez, are heading up. C-SOPS continues to expand in partners, grants, and technologies that it hopes to license, Muzzio said, and we'll share more on this in the next month or two on

Hearing Muzzio's gentle, accented voice reminded me of the "Engineering Pharmaceuticals" public radio program that he was interviewed for earlier this year, and which we have just posted (with the station's permission) on In it, Muzzio recalls his early days in the industry, and what led him to begin investigating ways to gain better control of the mixing of drug particulates.

The talk with Muzzio leads into a larger discussion of the challenges of manufacturing drugs in this day and age, and explores the roots of the PAT and QbD movements. Purdue's Rex Reklaitis, ABB's Dennis McKinley, and Hawaii's Ken Morris join in the discussion as well. All in all, an enjoyable listen.

--Paul Thomas