Hold the Allusions, Please

Just learned of Dulcinea Media and a new web search tool, now in beta, called www.findingdulcinea.com, whose aim is to make the Web easier to search. The company just issued a press release, since one of its cofounders, Kate Davey, will hold a press conference tomorrow at St. Mark's Churchyard on E. 10th street, originally the site of Peter Stuyvesant's farm, to discuss where the ghosts of New York City are and tell a few legends.  Too bad it's during a school and workday because it sounds like great fun. One question, though: Where on earth did they come up with the name Dulcinea.com?  It's clever, but how many in the Web visiting public will "get" the allusion and think "Aha!  Don Quixote and the Internet!  We pursue Sophia and wisdom, but end up with Paris Hilton." . OK, maybe Dulcinea isn't that obscure. And who knows....this marketing strategy of using allusions may work (and even get people to read Cervantes), if the pharma industry (and Rozerem ad campaign) is any indicator. Some of the pharma ads rated the most successful today are laden with surreal visual imagery. This article posted on PharmaLive yesterday discusses some of pharma's top ad campaigns, which involve Luna Moths, Bees, and "Lincoln and the Beaver." AMS