Harold McNair's Broad Influence

Our contributing editor and resident expert on PAT, Emil Ciurczak, sent a nice follow up to my recent article on Virginia Tech Professor Harold McNair. Ciurczak writes:

Thought you might get a kick out of the fact that I had my first formal GC course with Harold McNair in 1972 at PittCon in Cleveland. A mere 36 years ago ... and he was well-known then! It was more than interesting. The two instructors were McNair and Walt Supina (founder of Supelco ... large GC/LC supply house). After an hour of theory about polarity, etc., etc., etc. by McNair, Walt gets up in front of the class and simply says, "I just shoot my sample into whatever column is in the machine. If it comes out too soon, I increase the polarity; if it comes out too late, I decrease the polarity. Any questions?" The look on McNair's face was priceless.

I'd love to know if others out there have similar memories of Prof. McNair. Please add a comment below to let us know, and encourage others to do the same!