Giles and the Pharma Factory: New Blog on Pharma R&D

For someone who had announced he was giving up blogging about pharma just a few months ago, Pharma Giles may soon become one of the most prolific of the pharma bloggers.  Just learned from our new swicki (which I'm having a helluva time trying to learn how to manage [properly], so please forgive all the hiccups this week!!!!) about "Charlie and the Pharmaceutical Factory," a new blog that he's started up that will be all about pharmaceutical R&D. Despite his irreverent tone, the mysterious Giles has worked in pharma R&D and has an engineering background, so it promises to be quite an interesting read, for all you drug development and even cGMP types out there...or those of you on the 'other side' who want to know what it's like... Unless , of course, it's just an elaborate practical joke. For many of you, news of the retirement of one of Phoni Pharma's most prominent pharma R&D scientist (who bears a suspicious resemblance to the late Dr. B. Honeydew) and his observations the changes that have taken place in pharmaceutical R&D over the past few years may ring all too true.  You must read the "Exodus of Excellence." -AMS