Fun-E Pharm: A Pharma Giles for the GMP Set?

With so many pharma blogs and forums (e.g. Cafe Pharma) focused exclusively, or mainly, on sales, marketing and CME, the manufacturing, engineering, quality and validation set may feel a bit left out.   Problems with vaccine or biologics manufacturing or quality are less glamorous than the "Buckets of Money" or pink cupcakes saga...but, in the end, they have the potential to have a far more devastating impact.  No? At PharmaManufacturing, we'd started out with an anonymous insider blog that brought some critical employees'  (or former employees') critical thoughts out, but it just  wasn't "fun."  Then we shifted gears and gave this blog more of a news commentary focus, with admittedly mixed results so far. But just discovered the GMP Compliance Basis Blog, with an ongoing spoof of Fun e Pharm, a fictional pharma company, its business initiative acronyms (which, unfortunately, too often spell out the same word, as in  "Scientific Happening (or Hotbed) Initiative Teams" ) and its cast of characters. It should be interesting to see how they, and the blog,  develop (do not be daunted by the corny word play in the names...posts shed some light on ongoing validation and plant operations issues. As with so many pharma blogs, though, visitors are reluctant to post comments). (For a non-blog example from outside pharma in the plant operations field, see the classic In The Trenches, an online and magazine department in Plant Services. ) The cast of FunEPharm: The engineering crew- Del Lusional and Lou Da' Cris  QA Guy- Bob Andwave  Procurement Department- Byersree Morse  Equipment Supplier- Laydas Usual  Marketing Salesman- Phil Theelyre  Financial Guy- Cassius King Contract Engineer- Kelly Services  Consultant-  Terry Ratso  Consultant- Wayne ScottValidation- Edie Itt  The Contractor- Joe "Putz" Putinskistanovichowitz  Project Scheduler- Connie Venient  Foreman- Bobby Dahpiper