Free Falling on the Healthcare 100?

I was late to discover Cary Byrd's  (of eDrug, the search site and the blog) brainchild, a ranking of the 100 leading healthcare blogs. Just when I prepared to trumpet the fact that On Pharma (the old web address) was listed as 82 on the top 100, I noticed this week that we'd slipped to 119.  I asked Cary how long it took to assemble this list (apparently it took about a month to develop and test).  While it's hard to be completely scientific about anything on cyberspace, and some excellent blogs didn't make the cut---some because they are new---this ranking should be very useful both to users and to bloggers who need to see how their blogs are performing (or not, as the case may be). The Top 100 links to the original blog site, to which nothing has been added since April, which may be part of the reason for the plunge, but Cary says new features are being added to allow monitoring of blogs that are on more than one feed or site. Thanks to Cary for a very useful tool.