Election Update: Kaiser Health`08.org and Small Towns Courting Edwards

The upcoming presidential election is probably the most important ever for U.S. healthcare policy. Kaiser has an excellent web site, Health `08.org  with video clips, backgrounders, and articles designed to give even the laziest, most apolitical voter one step access to the presidential candidates' visions for U.S. healthcare.  For a video of Obama's healthcare speech, click here. For access to the site, click here. Hat tip:  Jayne Juvan's Healthcare Law blog. Ms. Juvan also notes the availability of an extremely useful tool: The  National Conference of State Legislatures'  "tracker" on prescription drug legislation, which provides quick and easy access to each state's position on e-pedigrees and other issues.  For Jayne's writeup, click here. To access the tool, click here. More on the election front - Columbus, Kentucky, (pop. 229) is fighting for the mantle of "True American Rural Town" in an online contest for John Edwards' visit and has launched an ad against "rural imposter" Eureka, CA, (pop. 40,000). Does Eureka really make apple pie with French canned apples?!  Click here to watch video.  (This silliness courtesy of Justin Kazmark of Morris+King Co.).  -AMS