AstraZeneca and the “Buckets of Money”: Cultural Change is Needed, Not Scapegoats

Taking a break from Easter egg coloring, Spring cleaning, etc. , just learned that the AstraZeneca sales rep who approached each oncologist office visit envisioning "buckets of money" has been dismissed.  This seems extremely hypocritical of the company.

The statement he made was vile, but it reflects the sales culture in the industry, rather than any personal vice on his part.  It also reflects the industry's fixation on "The Blockbuster." No doubt he was a great sales person, focused on maximizing profits for his employer. In short, he did his job as it has been defined.  The article, in an internal newsletter, was meant to inspire others to do the same. The company fired him because the article became public, not because it hates sales and the motivation behind sales. If AstraZeneca is really serious, it should hire him back, but make him and all its oncology sales reps (and perhaps all its reps?) undergo sensitivity training.  Make them follow chemotherapy patients around for a few days and journal their responses. -AMS