Astra Zeneca CEO, Dick Gephardt Emphasize Drug Manufacturing's Strategic Importance; Cry Me a River

Busy and eventful week.  Michele's on her way to Ireland to visit biotech and pharma labs, and Paul had nice interviews with AstraZeneca's CEO David Brennan and former House majority leader Dick Gephardt. 

Brennan emphasizes manufacturing's strategic importance, a nice contrast to his predecessor's unguarded comment last year.

For any of you who live under a rock---ahem----I mean who are far too busy or serious to keep up with frivolous pop culture, this week brought a much needed antidote to the 21st century sport of pigeonholing and dismissing others at first sight.  Thank you, U.K. television for bringing us Susan Boyle,  a shy and somewhat eccentric middle-aged singer from a small city in Scotland, who defied a jeering audience (face it, the world has been hardened by too many idiots trying out for national Idols) in 'England's got talent" or whatever it's called....and who sings "Cry me a river" in this 10-year-old recording, in a  beautiful, natural style.  Click here to listen.  And enjoy this beautiful April weekend.