Astra-Zeneca CEO Calls for Investigation, Attesting to the Potential of Web 2.0 in Pharma

While IT talks about Web 3.0, we poor mortals in the publishing business are still struggling with Web 2.0, but Peter Rost's Question Authority, Pharmalot and Pharmagossip all report that AstraZeneca's CEO is ready to investigate illicit sales and marketing practices stemming from the "Buckets of Money" scandal.    Last week, Rost had published "training tapes" allegedly given to sales reps to help them sell against competitors' products, that violated the company's sales and marketing policies. If anything, this still-unfolding story shows that Web 2.0 has the potential to get top management's attention and to help bring positive change to the drug industry.  Also indicative of this trend, perhaps, a new "insider" drug safety blog has just started up.  Perhaps more people on the development, QA/QC and manufacturing sides will speak out about any noncompliance issues they face? I don't know.  Most of our readers don't care much for blogs. They don't even want to download podcasts.  But this is due to change. The individual within pharma has more power than ever before to change the industry from within.