A Cafe Pharma for the R&D Set?

LabJabPharma.com, a new forum, aims to do for R&D what Cafe Pharma does for sales.  There are other more formal forums, like the AAAS career forum that are currently very active, but this one is focused on pharma and appears to be modelled after Cafe Pharma. Since it's so new, it's a "clean slate" right now. But why not take a few minutes to write in some night when issues at work become frustrating and some peer advice would be useful and get a discussion started?  You'll find it here. I'm curious to know whether pharma's scientists would choose to express themselves, when communicating anonymously online, like some of their counterparts in sales? (As in "$%^& that $%^&*@# technician who destroyed my $%^&*@# assay..." Somehow I doubt it.  But who knows...maybe some of the worst, most prolific ranters on Cafe Pharma aren't sales people)