The cost of doing business

What experiences do pimps, Tony Soprono, and pharmaceutical executives have in common? (No, not that.) When they are levied court fines that don't come close to the monies they got through "less than honorable" ways. A fine that one of the "girls of the evening" pays is considered "the price of doing business" by the pimp. The bribes Mr. Soprono pays? The same thing, no? When a company sells billions of dollars worth of (contolled) drugs, partially based on fraudulent lab data and clinical results, what happens? Well, recently, some fines and no prison time. I would humbly suggest that the "time should fit the crime." Would companies think twice about policing its execs if, for instance, they were given a "poison pill?" Using the NCAA for an example, perhaps the company would have to pay all the monies from fraud and be given a two or three ban on any NDA submissions. Too harsh? I have often thought that embezzling $5-10 million and getting 5 years and not being required to return the money would be a pretty sweet deal. Imagine, 5 years in a white-collar prison and then never having to work again. Many people will take that deal. Until companies are made to pay (big-time), they will "wink-wink, nod-nod" continue to keep a sharp eye on the behavior of their executives. Yeah! Sure! Gotta go now, I'm expecting the Tooth Fairy.