Funny Pharm: You Write the Caption & Win: May 2019

★Winning Caption★

Now I'll get to spend more time with the Venture Capital Family. — Bill Russo

Pharma Manufacturing presents "Funny Pharm," featuring drawings by award-winning cartoonist, Jerry King.

The winning cartoon caption will be featured on the Pharma Manufacturing website and the winner will be mentioned in upcoming enewsletters. The winner has a choice of two prizes: a coffee mug with the cartoon and winning caption printed on it OR a $20 Starbucks giftcard.

Please submit your caption to [email protected] with the subject "Funny Pharm May 2019." Thank you for your contributions!

See past cartoons/winners.

Contending Submissions

Please note: Funny Pharma caption contests are for entertainment purposes only. Reader submissions reflect their own personal experience and opinions. Winning submissions are chosen for their humor and industry relevance; Pharmaceutical Manufacturing reserves the right to delete any entries deemed inappropriate.

“Head ‘em up! Move ‘em out! Rawhide.” — Tara Bronson

“Embracing the new FDA Travel Policy” — Bill Evans

“Roof Racketeering training for FDA Law Enforcement” — Bill Evans

To get home, I'll have to take Tobacco Road. — Bill Russo

On my way home, I'll have to avoid taking Flavored Tobacco Road. — Bill Russo

Now I'll get to spend more time with the Venture Capital Family. — Bill Russo

I thought Id be stuck here for years, but I Gott lieb, early. — Bill Russo

Don't touch my trunk. — Bill Russo

CNB see ya later. — Bill Russo

I'm leaving here, for my New Enterprise. — Bill Russo

Now I'm gonna meet the Chippewa Valley Coalition. When I get there, I'll say "Miss Claypool? Dr Gottlieb!" — Bill Russo

So he loaded up the car and moved to Beverly, hills that is. — Rawson Perdue

Protecting and promoting my wealth. — Carl White

I hope the next revolving door that I see, has a drive-thru. — Bill Russo