Funny Pharm: You Write the Caption & Win: January 2018

Jan18 FunnyPharm

★Winning Caption★

"After Brexit, the EU countries got together, hashed it out, and as a result Amsterdam was the clear choice.” — Alex Packard


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing presents "Funny Pharm," featuring drawings by award-winning cartoonist, Jerry King.

The winning cartoon caption will be featured on the Pharma Manufacturing website and the winner will be mentioned in upcoming enewsletters. The winner has a choice of two prizes: a coffee mug with the cartoon and winning caption printed on it OR a $20 Starbucks giftcard.

Please submit your caption to with the subject "Funny Pharm January 2018." Thank you for your contributions!

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Contending Submissions

Please note: Funny Pharma caption contests are for entertainment purposes only. Reader submissions reflect their own personal experience and opinions. Winning submissions are chosen for their humor and industry relevance; Pharmaceutical Manufacturing reserves the right to delete any entries deemed inappropriate.

Now I'll have to deal with Dutch Sandwiches instead of good old Cheese 'n Pickled Onion. — Bill Russo

I'm leaving because SOME people's thinking belongs to the Early Middle Ages. — Bill Russo

Disruption to the flow of medicines means UK must stay under EU regulations!! — Bill Russo

RMS TITANIC. — Chris Gould

“I wish we were staying in the UK, it’ll be safer there after Brexit” — Zino Templar

I'm turning back. Amsterdam HQ isn't ready yet! — Bill Russo

We're leaving England with a lot of baggage. — Bill Russo

"Onward to eliminate the 'recreation' of 'recreational drugs'" — Jasmine

"We got waterproof luggage just in case they try to pull off a Nexit by going underwater" — Jasmine

"For our next location, we must go inland into Europe, enough of these North Sea-side settings" — Jasmine

Ema, I've a feeling we're not in Canary Wharf anymore. We must be somewhere over the Rhine. — Bill Russo

Make a right turn. I've been told we're going to Milan, instead. — Bill Russo

Italy delivers 6 cases of Casu Marzu to the EMA to show there are no hard feelings. — Donna Morrison

“Don’t pay the ferryman until he gets you to the other side.” — Tara Bronson

“Can you direct me to Canal Street first” — Martin Bennett

“After Brexit, the EU countries got together, hashed it out, and as a result Amsterdam was the clear choice.” — Alex Packard