Funny Pharm: You Write the Caption & Win: April 2017

★Winning Caption★

"Let’s make pharma BIG again!!" — Anuj Dhariwal

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing presents "Funny Pharm," featuring drawings by award-winning cartoonist, Jerry King.

The winning cartoon caption will be featured on the Pharma Manufacturing website and the winner will be mentioned in upcoming enewsletters. The winner has a choice of two prizes: a coffee mug with the cartoon and winning caption printed on it OR a $20 Starbucks giftcard.

Please submit your caption to [email protected] with the subject "Funny Pharm April 2017." Thank you for your contributions!

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Contending Submissions

Please note: Funny Pharma caption contests are for entertainment purposes only. Reader submissions reflect their own personal experience and opinions. Winning submissions are chosen for their humor and industry relevance; Pharmaceutical Manufacturing reserves the right to delete any entries deemed inappropriate.

Money money money

Always sunny

In big pharma world  — Bill Russo

Our critics say we're getting a little too bloated... but this money will buy a lot of Xifaxan. — Bill Russo

The drug industry is “huuuuuge,” that is, compared to other Trump programs. — Marvin Sager

As a thank you gift, you will all receive a ROI-al Deluxe burger on your way out. — Bill Russo

Ok, this is enough for ONE dose - for the guy in the third row. — Bill Russo

Let’s make pharma BIG again!! — Anuj Dhariwal

Trust us…we are working on a BIG SOLUTION to cure all your individual SMALL PROBLEMS!!  — Anuj Dhariwal

Only when it will be BIG…it will FIT !! — Anuj Dhariwal

"Lets play moonshine raffle! Winners will get high cost prescription drugs supply worth of $ 50K for free." — Neel Sukhadia

As I look around, I notice there's not a dry eye in the house. That's because we gave everyone a sample of ECF843. — Bill Russo

Done & Dusted — Rod Goodall

“And now for the big winner… Oh, wait a minute, it looks like I have the wrong envelope…” — Angela Hoffman

"Do you remember Bob the good old days!" — Rémy Dumortier

"And the winner of the DCAT show is ..." — Rémy Dumortier

"We will stand against the opioid addiction epidemic even if this bag of money is tempting." — Rémy Dumortier

"Everyone, let's sing: One for the money and the free rides. It's two for the lie that you denied. All rise" (song by Blue-All rise). — Oktavia Eka

Would you believe that this little bit of $$$ was all we had to give to get the regulations repealed!  — Robert Pyke 

So, like we said , we are giving this bag to the person who comes up with the next useless vaccine we can profit from.  — Robert Pyke 

Everyone who contributes gets a PBM tote bag, with our thanks. — Bill Russo 

"As always, this exciting merger will benefit everyone!" — Rick Schroder

"With our latest M&A, we are too big to fail." — Tara Bronson

"Welcome to the Late Night comedy show… Sponsored by Pfizer." — Alex Packard