Funny Pharm: You Write the Caption & Win: October 2016

 ★Winning Caption★
 "Continuous manufacturing – and the toads and newts are locally sourced and traceable!" -Peter Clark

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing presents "Funny Pharm," featuring drawings by award-winning cartoonist, Jerry King.

The winning cartoon caption will be featured on the Pharma Manufacturing website and the winner will be mentioned in upcoming enewsletters. The winner has a choice of two prizes: a coffee mug with the cartoon and winning caption printed on it OR a $20 Starbucks giftcard.

Please submit your caption to [email protected]. Thank you for your contributions!

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Contending Submissions

Please note: Funny Pharma caption contests are for entertainment purposes only. Reader submissions reflect their own personal experience and opinions. Winning submissions are chosen for their humor and industry relevance; Pharmaceutical Manufacturing reserves the right to delete any entries deemed inappropriate.

Bill Russo:
"I don't care what 'Newsweek' thinks. In Eastern Europe, we still do things the old-world way."

"I'll turn everyone at Indivior into frogs. Then they'll REALLY be hopping."

"I wonder what Open Payments will report when I give doctors THIS brew."

"I'll brew up a storm that'll REALLY split Pfizer in two."

"This potion will help me to hack into my enemy's pancreas."

"Sure I make my medicines using hair, broken glass, and spiders. Doesn't everyone?"

"Yes, this water has the power to destroy men's souls, but at least it doesn't contain bacteria."

"I've been doing this for centuries without interference, and now I'm being shut down just because there's a reddish brown discoloration on my (b)(4)."

“Ah-ha! Now we know what’s behind all that clinical trial data!” -Tara Bronson

"“Ah-ha! Now we know what’s behind all those recalls!” -Tara Bronson

Atul Deshmukh:
“As if things weren’t bad enough…now the FDA wants to regulate us?????”

“How do I validate 3 batches when I only prepare this potion once a year?”

“ Creating one-potion-for–all-ills doesn’t seem to be such a good idea.”

“This is NOT the way to come up with new regulations…”

“Unless I audit my suppliers of frog’s legs and newt’s eyes, I won’t be able to make any more potion.”

"Manufacturing drug is a 'Trick for Treatment'" -Kenji Nishiwaki

"That Halloween cooking book for witches have food menus that turn you 'green.'” -marvin sager

"Trick or Treatment. Which do you want?" -Peter Clark

"Continuous manufacturing - and the toads and newts are locally sourced and traceable!" -Peter Clark

"Poor clean room design spells trouble for Ghost Effective Pharmacy." -Peter Clark

"Broomsticks and cat whiskers!!! Potion making was a heck of a lot easier before GMPs…" -John Dobiecki

"Keeping up with the time and PPE."  -Keith Welsch

Remy Dumortier:
"It is not because you wear a gown that it makes it cGMP."

"This is only to prepare my dinner, you should see what they forced me to do to prepare cGMP magic potions."

"This is what generic drug manufacturing looks like."

"I wonder who ordered my poison apple recipe: Trump or Hillary?"

"This batch looks ready for release." -Arthur Pezzica

“Why is it so hard to get this precipitate back into solution?” -Rich Triglia

"This process validation 'thingy' is useless." -Clayon Carpenter

“I told QA the hair nets were overkill! The batch record calls for Dead Man’s Toe for Pete’s sake!”
-Jenette Stadnik

“Formulation used to be so easy.” -Lonnie Barish


"I know, I know.  But unfortunately it specifically spells out ‘Cauldron Bubble’ in the filing." -Alex Packard

“Which process are we validating?  I can confidently tell you we are validating the witch process as we speak.” -Alex Packard

"I am not a witch, I am a drug scientist." -Dineshkumar Singhaniya

"I wonder how many Epi-Pens I can get out of this batch??" -Chad Wolfe

"The new safety inspector thought it was just a cliché that citing Helga for not wearing safety glasses during compounding would leave him in hot water." -Tim Gibson

“Get rid of that! A Black Box would look terrible on our great packaging! " -Guy Real

"I am getting tired of this batch processing. I can't wait till the coven approves the CAPEX to convert to continuous...." -Mark Butler

"After the FDA crackdown on potion making, witch fashion has never been the same." -Michelle Schilling

"Double, double toil and trouble, proteins fold while bioreactor bubbles." -Janice A. Lonardo

"Unscrupulous concoctions to be taken at the patient's own risks!" -Dr. Gayathri V. Patil

“I’m really worried… I just heard that the authorities are on a witch hunt.” -Atul Deshmukh