Funny Pharm: You Write the Caption & Win: March 2014

"Funny Pharm" features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King. Submit your caption and win!

★Winning Caption★
"Am I between a Wock and a hardt place?" - Bill Russo

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing presents "Funny Pharm," featuring drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King.

The winning cartoon caption will be featured on the website and the winner's name will appear in the eNewsletter. The winner has a choice of two prizes: a coffee mug with the cartoon and winning caption printed on it OR a $15 Starbucks giftcard.

Please submit your caption to [email protected]. Thank you for your contributions!

 Contending Submissions

Bill Russo:
"No one here to greet me? I see. They all ran back to Ranbaxy."
"Maybe now, I can get a toehold in Toansa."
"Nobody here? When the whistle blows, everyone must run to Japan."
"Am I between a Wock and a hardt place?"
"For my visit, only ONE row of bushes??!!?"
"I'll see to it that Sun never rises again."
"I see Dr Reddy's not ready - the recall must've given him heartburn."
"It may be a sunny day, but Sun's stock sure isn't rising."
"When I get through with these guys, they'll really be Singh-ed."
"CDSCO kid was a friend of mine."

"Siri, I've a feeling we're not in Indiana anymore....right you are." - Dale Stout

"If they could achieve these standards in the past , I don’t see why they can’t achieve them now.” - Atul Deshmukh

"Hamburg in Agra – now that’s one for the record books.” - Atul Deshmukh

"I wonder what the rent is for using this as our India headquarters." -David Marcos

"It isn’t no Washington monument but I still get the hint." - James Sarzynski

"This is a little intimidating being a woman over here." - James Sarzynski

"I always wanted to visit India. Luckily I didn’t take that USDA job." - James Sarzynski

"So what is it they're telling me again… Because the sacred waters they get from the Ganges has the power to heal, they don’t have to use WFI. Hey!!! If it sounds good to a billion people. It sounds good to me." - James Sarzynski

“So this is where Indian pharmaceuticals are produced! What an impressive facility. We can dispense with audits.” - Victor Go

“Looking for TAJ Medical And Health Aid Limited.” - Mark Lad

“Did Mumtaz take the wrong pill?” - PRASHANT THAKKAR

"Impressive, but can they manufacture product?" - Sheldon P. Krocker

"Everyone must be out to lunch; I wonder what they’re serving?" - Todd Hayes

“This isn’t quite what I expected when I asked to see India’s best site.” - Atul Deshmukh