Pall: Baker’s Dozen of New Products at Interphex

A six-second mixer headlines Pall’s Interphex intros.

By Paul Thomas

Pall Corp. introduced 13 new products at the show this year, running the gamut from analytical technologies to ultrafiltration and other single-use products. Pall Interphex

The new XRS bioreactor system for upstream processing was the “surprise” announcement of the day. The XRS, jointly developed between Pall and New Brunswick Scientific (which lent its instrumentation platform expertise), is a benchtop system that uses a rocking platform placed upon two different axes to speed mixing time—as fast as six seconds, claimed Hélène Pora, VP of the Single-Use Business Unit at Pall. (To quote one representative from Merck’s vaccines unit who happened by: “Wow.”)

The company also introduced several new, practical single-use technologies. “Single use is gaining wider acceptance, so it’s important to develop technology to maintain ease of use without sacrificing robustness and high degree of flexibility,” Pora said.
New products in this area include:

  •     collapsible plastic totes
  •     bioprocessing workstations
  •     200 L transportation totes

The Kleenpak sterile disconnector line has been extended to fit ¼-, 3/8-, and ½-inch tubing. No equipment or tools are required. “Sterile disconnection can be done in seconds, even in uncontrolled environments,” said Pora.

Another key new product introduced is the Allegro Single-Use Filling Needle. The needles are autoclavable and gamma irradiatable, Pora noted, “which makes it unique for a plastic needle.” The needles are compatible with most filling machines on the market, she added.

Also new to the Allegro family is the Single-Use Tangential Flow Filtration System for downstream operations.

Here’s more information on many of Pall’s Interphex product announcements.

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