Digital Insights: Video Killed the Radio Star

We won’t give you fist bumps and show tunes, but we will give you quality (and yes, fun) video content

By Michele Vaccarello, Managing Editor, Digital Media

I secretly love how online multimedia is taking over the world. I loved watching video footage of the controversial Barack and Michelle Obama fist bump played over and over on every major news website. I loved watching spoofs show up on YouTube hours later and I love that the Obama fist bump has now been transposed into a downloadable video dance remix.

Video, to quote The Buggles, “rewritten by machine and new technology,” and paired with the latest media technology, has allowed us web video access to everything from live national disasters to cocker spaniels that howl Billy Joel hits. It is truly an exciting time for media outlets–having the capability to visually document and share live events with viewers. While (un)fortunately, cannot give you singing spaniels, we can provide exclusive videos from trade shows, interesting industry interviews and all-around funny pharma video finds.

Speaking of funny Pharma finds, be sure to click here for a face-off between Agilent Technologies’ mass spec-tacular rap “Reach That Peak” and BioRad Laboratories’ Barry White spoof, “The PCR Song,” as originally debuted on YouTube.

We also have the latest video footage from June’s BIO show in San Diego and Boston’s DIA 2008, including:

I recently attended the Interphex China show in Dalian, China, and my video report can also be found here. I am not fist bumping or performing show tunes, but it may prove simultaneously entertaining and informative. And as always, Emil Ciurczak and Jack Carroll’s infamous “PAT Talks” are archived as well. Tune in for their latest video, part two of “Financial Matters for PAT/QbD Teams”.

Our Pharma Video RSS feeds provide a library of relevant pharmaceutical/biotech industry clips from major news outlets such as BBC and Forbes. We are currently running a Video Spotlight interview with Eli Lilly CEO John Lechleiter.

Bookmark our Video Library or register for our RSS video feeds to see current videos relating to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

As we travel to shows and meet interesting people, we will carry along audio and video equipment and continue to bring you the latest and greatest in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing multimedia.

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