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Need RFID? Start Here.

New starter kits get pilot programs off the ground fast.

By Gregg Carlstrom

Omron offers three levels of starter kits; the price rises as the functionality increases.

RFID represents one of the most promising new technologies for supply-chain management, but also one of the most time-consuming to implement. That’s why several companies are now offering “RFID starter kits.” These all-inclusive products generally have everything a plant needs to test an implementation: RFID reader/writer hardware, software for managing RFID data, and a supply of RFID labels. Here are a few:

Omron’s V740 starter kit is available in three different price points. The basic product includes, well, the basics; more expensive kits include enterprise software for larger test implementations. The kits start at $3,495; prices top out at $8,495. More information is available online at

Catalyst International provides a similar set of tiered starter kits. The basic kit, RFIDComply, includes the basic software and hardware and eight hours of free phone support. Catalyst’s website highlights the speed of its product; they claim full implementation takes under eight hours. More expensive packages include consulting services from the company. For more information:

Intermec and SAP have joined together to create their own RFID evaluation kit. The product includes both fixed and hand-held RFID scanners, and software that demonstrates how RFID tags can be used to track pallets and cases. The companies also include a day of consulting from an Intermec-certified RFID specialist. More information on this (limited-time) offer is available online at

Avery Dennison’s RFID starter kit includes an installation from a company-trained technician. The package includes a printer that both prints labels and programs RFID tags. And the kit is available in multiple configurations, both with and without a tag reader, to suit your particular plants’ needs. Prices start at $7,395 for the basic kit without the reader. More information is available online at

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