U.S. Biotech Market To Reach $26 Billion This Year


Sales of U.S. biotechnology products are expected to reach nearly $26 billion dollars according to the research firm, Consulting Resources Corp. (Lexington, Mass.). Human therapeutics will continue to account for nearly 74% of total sales, with human diagnostics contributing another 13 percent, according to the analysts. Agriculture, specialties and non-medical diagnostic applications should make up the rest.

U.S. Biotechnology Product Sales Forecast (millions of dollars)

Applications                      2003     2004   Growth(%/yr)

Human therapeutics            16800   19100   14

Human diagnostics              3100    3370     9

Agriculture                          1600    1840     15

Specialties                          800      900      14

Non-medical diagnostics      400      460      15

TOTAL                                22700  25680   13



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