Cole-Parmer: Updated Oakton 6+ Series Handheld Meters

For those looking for a low-cost yet reliable handheld meter, Oakton has released the updated 6+ Series meters, now at Cole-Parmer. With a convenient, easy-to-use design, these rugged meters offer functionality that gets the job done.

Specifically, the Oakton pH 6+ Meters feature up to five-point push-button calibration with autobuffer recognition and easy-to-use display of pH or mV, and temperature. The Ion 6+ Meters offer a direct readout of ion concentration, with preprogrammed ion calibration points. The CON 6+, TDS 6+, and SALT 6+ Meters supply autoranging conductivity or TDS with temperature measurements. The DO 6+ Meters have a low-maintenance, galvanic probe which requires no warm-up time. Use these meters to test water quality in wastewater, surface water, ground water, or drinking water. Each of the meters in the series includes a rubber boot with built-in stand for protection and added functionality.

To learn more about the Oakton 6+ Series Meters from Cole-Parmer, call 800-323-4340 or visit

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