3M Purification Inc.: Zeta Plus Activated Carbon Cartridges & Capsules

3M Purification Inc. supplies Zeta Plus Activated Carbon cartridges & capsules to manufacturers of pharmaceutical intermediates, parenterals and fine chemicals.  The Zeta Plus Activated Carbon filter medium incorporates the latest activated carbon technology to decolorize and reduce contaminants from pharmaceutical process streams can be used in any application where bulk activated carbon is used.

Zeta Plus Activated Carbon cartridges minimize the drawbacks associated with the use of activated carbon.  Use of the cartridges eliminates the handling of bulk powdered carbon and reduces equipment and solvent contamination with carbon dust.  The technology provides a customized solution that enables maximum process economy, fewer unit operations and less re-work of off spec material.  The filters are easy to use, they reduce labor costs and they improve process economics. 

3M Purification Inc. is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of innovative filtration and separation technologies.  The company’s solutions are used worldwide in the life sciences, food and beverage and industrial industries.  Our expertise in filtration and separations help manufacturers develop pharmaceuticals, improve existing processes and increase overall plant efficiency.

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