Ampac Flexibles

Ampac Flexibles — Converted Products, a unit of Ampac Packaging LLC, has introduced a drug delivery pouch designed to work in conjunction with devices which now rely on either glass vials or aerosol containers.

Traditionally, hand-held drug delivery devices for pulmonary pharmaceuticals (such as inhalers) use either glass vials or aerosol containers to dispense medicine. These container types inherently have dispensing challenges (such as head space in the case of glass vials) or added production expense for aerosols (adding a pressurization step to the container). Additionally, head space gases can have a negative effect on shelf life.

Ampac Flexibles now gives pharmaceutical manufacturers a third option — Flexi 6833, a polyester/foil/sealant layer lamination that can be converted into a drug delivery pouch for liquid or powder-based products.

Flexi 6833 is a high-barrier, very thin-gauge material that is designed to be converted into a small pouch. A typical configuration would be 1.5- x 1.5-inches; other sizes are possible as well. The structure is capable of accepting a small plastic fitment that would be used by the device to dispense the drug.

Further, the Flexi 6833 drug delivery pouch has several advantages over both the glass vials and aerosol containers currently in use. The thin structure allows the flexible pouch to fully collapse which facilitates evacuation while preventing air from entering. The fully collapsible structure also eliminates the need for the pressurization found in aerosol containers. When filled, the container has no excess head space, thus product shelf life is enhanced.

The end result is a lightweight, thin, high-barrier container that delivers drugs in a more efficient manner than traditional container types. It also gives pharmaceutical companies another drug delivery option for reusable devices.

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