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  • Meeting the Counterfeit Drug Challenge

    Think-tank fellow and former FDA associate commissioner Peter Pitts discusses what can be done about the growing global public health threat posed by drug counterfeiters.

    Peter J. Pitts, senior fellow, Pacific Research Institute
  • What’s Your Security Confidence Rating?

    Securing the pharmaceutical supply chain requires a multilateral approach, with high confidence in all aspects. An authenticated RFID system is a critical component, explains Andrew Dubner, 3M senior specialist and Six Sigma Black Belt.

    Andrew Dubner, 3M senior specialist
  • Total Bar Code Quality

    The quality of each bar code is not always black and white, and manufacturers need means of verification to determine the effectiveness of each code and label. This succinct but substantive paper by platemaker Quint Co. sheds light on verification methods and bar code standards.

    Quint Company
  • Don't Say 'Used': How to Select Pre-Owned Equipment

    Buying pre-owned equipment can be risky, but it can also save money and increase production if you know what to look for. Frain Industries' K.C. Christensen offers tips for smart shopping.

    Frain Industries
  • Logistics, the Next Generation

    Logistical and manufacturing systems must merge and evolve with tracking technologies if the supply chain is to be truly secure. Magnar Løken d.y., CEO of Norwegian software firm Kezzler AS, shows how it’s done.

    Magnar Løken d.y., CEO, Kezzler AS
  • The Complete Word on Supply Chain Risk

    The 2005 Symposium on Risk in Supply Chains was the place to be for progressive thought on supply chain issues. Here are summaries of all key presentations.

    Product Surety Center
  • Pharma Labels Fail the Toughness Test

    An independent lab tested a variety of pharmaceutical product labels for durability when exposed to harsh elements such as heat, moisture and household chemicals. The elements won.

    Donald L. Gibbon, Matco Associates, Inc.
  • RFID for the Real World (in English)

    FKI Logistex offers an analysis of the challenges of RFID adoption and a common-sense, measured response to intelligently evaluating and implementing RFID.

    FKI Logistex
  • RFID for the Real World (en Español)

    FKI Logistex offers (in Spanish) an analysis of the challenges of RFID adoption and a common-sense, measured response to intelligently evaluating and implementing RFID.

    FKI Logistex
  • Mandatory Reporting is the Key to Eradicating Counterfeit Drugs

    Numbers are bandied about on the extent of counterfeiting, but these figures are probably low. By how much? Will we ever know? Closer connection between government and industry, and ongoing reporting, will be essential in finding out, say the authors.

    Robert Cockburn, Paul N. Newton, E. Kyeremateng Agyarko, Dora Akunyili, Nicholas J. White
  • Giuliani Report: Imports Carry Terror and Health Risks

    A PhRMA-sponsored report by Giuliani Partners states unequivocally that every effort to open borders to broader drug importation should be resisted. Drug fakes are already compromising the system, it says, and carry links to organized crime and terror groups.

    Giuliani Partners
  • FTC RFID Workshop Report

    The Federal Trade Commission recently issued a thorough report summarizing issues and drawing conclusions from a June 2004 workshop entitled "Radio Frequency Identification: Application and Implications for Consumers." The one-day workshop brought together retailers, RFID suppliers, government officials, trade associations, researchers and consumer advocates to discuss current and future issues and to outline best practices.

    Federal Trade Commission
  • Don't Overlook Legal and Privacy Issues Posed by RFID

    RFID poses serious legal and regulatory issues to manufacturers and plant owners. In this new white paper, former FCC senior attorney Ronald E. Quirk, Jr. and Stacia J. Borrello, both of whom work for the regulatory legal firm Venable, outline the legal complications of RFID and an electronic drug pedigree.

    Ronald E. Quirk, Jr. and Stacia J. Borrello, Venable
  • Case Study: Fast Checkouts Achieved through RFID

    This case study details how pH Europe, a leading container rental firm, improved customer service, improved its command of the supply chain and reduced its overall costs through the use of innovative track-and-trace software from RF Code, Inc.

    RF Code, Inc.
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