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  • Dispelling Outsourcing Myths about Production Equipment Maintenance

    Concerns about outsourcing the maintenance of production equipment can be offset by savings and efficiency gains. In this article, Stephen Welsh of ATS dispells the myths and explains why outsourcing maintenance can, in some cases, be the best decision.

    Stephen Welsh, ATS
  • Planning for Success with Facilities Outsourcing

    Outsourcing equipment and facility maintenance allows you to focus on core activities, but finding the best solution providers requires preparation. In this 5-page PDF, ATS shares best practices for outsourcing this critical function.

    Automation Tooling Systems (ATS)
  • Total Chemicals Management: Follow the Money and Save

    EH&S managers in the pharmaceutical industries may often overlook chemicals management. Taking a "total management" approach can improve compliance and lead to savings, says the American Industrial Hygienists Association's (AIHA) Mark Wysong.

    Mark Wysong, American Industrial Hygienists Association
  • The Care and Feeding of KPIs

    A set of effective KPIs is essential for focusing and managing a quality maintenance program. This white paper defines key performance indicators (KPIs) and tells how they can assist you in running your plant.

  • Test-Drive a Chemometrics Training Video

    Spectroscopic Solutions, LLC has released a series of chemometrics training videos. Topics such as principal components analysis (PCA), multiple linear regression (MLR), and partial least squares (PLS) are covered in detail with real-world examples.

    Spectroscopic Solutions, LLC
  • A Quick Guide to OEE

    This white paper by Vorne Industries provides a crash course in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (PDF format, 1,526KB).

    Vorne Industries
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