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  • eBook: Smart Pharma 2018

    Today’s developing environment — coined the Fourth Industrial Revolution and characterized by rapidly evolving and disruptive advances in technology — has created a new and intimidating landscape.

  • eBook: Packaging Trends 2018

    Packaging systems vendors are more closely considering space, simplicity and flexibility in new designs

  • eBook: Pharma Innovation 2018

    Discover recently launched or updated technologies and systems that have changed the game in pharmaceutical manufacturing including high-quality equipment in various fields

  • eBook: Solid Dose 2018

    Despite the increasing number of injectable biologics, solid dose products are a proven pharmaceutical market mainstay. According to GoodRx data, the top 10 drugs based on monthly prescription volume in the U.S. are solid dosages.

  • eBook: Generic Pharma 2018

    Generics step up to the plate, challenges and best practicies for manufacturing biosimilars and excipient trends

  • State of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 2018 eBook

    The past year was challenged with a new administration that was both unpredictable and unconventional, a new FDA commissioner, and high levels of scrutiny surrounding drug prices and opioid use

  • Contract Pharma Trends 2018 eBook

    Outsourcing to contract manufacturers can be a valuable, even critical, option allowing companies to focus their resources and talents on their primary objectives

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