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  • eBook: Smart Pharma

    It’s not too late for the pharmaceutical industry to dodge its reputation for being behind other industries in terms of adopting technology.

  • Cloud Software’s Silver Lining

    Changing business requirements have pushed pharma’s current IT solutions and tools to their limits, and without the right IT infrastructure, it will quickly become too burdensome to develop and manufacture drugs.

  • eBook: Pharmaceutical Serialization

    As the industry invests in serialization capabilities to ensure regulatory compliance, they have the opportunity to explore how serialization can be used to develop new processes and capabilities.

  • Aseptic Processing Trends 2017 eBook

    Modern therapies add emphasis to the industry-wide need to take advantage of new technologies and explore new ways of addressing process control.

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • eBook: Solid Dose Trends

    With more than a century of safe, effective usage, oral solid dose products are a proven pharmaceutical market mainstay. While the dosage form isn’t fading away any time soon, it continues to be challenged to stay competitive.

    Capsugel, Catalent
  • Special Report: Addressing Supply Chain Challenges

    Supply chain collaboration is underleveraged in the pharmaceutical industry. Other sectors have put more focus on managing their supply chain, but most of pharma’s collaboration efforts still center on the commercial side.

  • Special Report: Addressing Process Contamination Risks

    The high risk involved with biopharmaceuticals means there are high demands placed on the hygienic design of bioprocessing equipment. Instrument connections on equipment -- commonly used to position measurement instruments in the process flow for accurate monitoring -- are a known challenge in preventing process contamination, especially when they aren’t properly installed or maintained.

  • 2017 Contract Pharma Trends Ebook

    Drug manufacturers and contract organizations have shared a mutually beneficial relationship for decades in the pharmaceutical industry and will no doubt continue to do so for years to come.

  • Biopharma Manufacturing Trends 2017 eBook

    As pharma companies look more and more to biologics for their next potential blockbusters, they must face the challenges surrounding these products' scientific complexity and sophisticated development.

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