eBook: State of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 2014


It’s been said that a rising tide lifts all boats. But considering the state of pharmaceutical manufacturing in 2014, some boats are being lifted higher than others.

Although the state of the pharmaceutical manufacturing union is strong, the continuing growth in the global demand for affordable prescription and over-the-counter drugs is challenging the industry in new ways to be able to manufacture enough safe, high quality drugs cost effectively and efficiently to meet demand. 

In addition, the growing sophistication of pharmaceuticals and continued developments in the biopharmaceutical realm is shifting the contours of the industry.

This eBook contains:

• The State of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Union
• Career and Salary Survey Results: Keeping Calm and Carrying On
• Insights on India
• The Road Ahead for Contract Service Excellence
• The Current State of Pharmaceutical Industry Research and Development
• Video: The Future of the Biopharmaceutical Industry

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