eBook: Glass vs. Plastic Pharmaceutical Packaging Trends


Packaging format, materials and innovation have become an interesting discussion of critical importance to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.

Both glass and plastic have their strengths and challenges, and many advancements have recently occurred within each “camp.”

This eBook presents insights, perspectives, debate and experiences from industry thought-leaders. Content includes:

• Clash of the Titans: Glass vs. Plastic
• VIDEO: The Future of Blow-Fill-Seal Innovation
• Container Innovation’s Prairie Home: Where Catalent Pioneered BFS Packaging for Decades
• Towards a Better Prefilled Syringe
• Integrating Quality by Design for Development of Prefillable Syringe Components
• Avoiding Unintended Interactions
• Minimizing the Risk of Sterile Manufacturing Through Automated Aseptic Techniques

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