eBook: Accessing Laboratory Insights for Improved Quality and Operational Transformation


Laboratory operations and the data they produce have never been more central to the success of Pharma enterprise.

From critical pipeline-filling R&D, to day-in-day-out quality and compliance routines, lab operations deliver intelligence that supports just about every aspect of drug manufacture and, ultimately, the therapeutic success of the compounds that make it to market. Lab operational managers, under extreme pressure to provide robust, reliable, high quality data to key elements of the organization, are increasingly adapting data management and informatics solutions to get the job done.

How to get there from here? Thermo Fisher Scientific has a vision, and in the following eBook reveals how well designed, well implemented information technologies can fulfill the lab’s critical mission. Content includes:

• The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Imperative: Transform Now
• The Transformed Lab: Paperless, Agile and Quality Driven
• Top 10 Pharma Company Improves Laboratory Productivity
• Are You Maximizing the Value of Your Laboratory Assets?
• Thermo Scientific Lab Execution System Helps Scientists Go Pa perless
• QA/QC Labs and Smart Infrastructure Equal End-to-End Quality by Design

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