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  • eBook: Generic Drugs 2019

    Biosimilar commercialization challenges, real-world tips for updating aging facilities and a deep dive into interchangeability guidance.

  • eBook: Smart Pharma 2018

    Today’s developing environment — coined the Fourth Industrial Revolution and characterized by rapidly evolving and disruptive advances in technology — has created a new and intimidating landscape.

  • eBook: Packaging Trends 2018

    Packaging systems vendors are more closely considering space, simplicity and flexibility in new designs

  • eBook: Pharma Innovation 2018

    Discover recently launched or updated technologies and systems that have changed the game in pharmaceutical manufacturing including high-quality equipment in various fields

  • eBook: Solid Dose 2018

    Despite the increasing number of injectable biologics, solid dose products are a proven pharmaceutical market mainstay. According to GoodRx data, the top 10 drugs based on monthly prescription volume in the U.S. are solid dosages.

  • eBook: Generic Pharma 2018

    Generics step up to the plate, challenges and best practicies for manufacturing biosimilars and excipient trends

  • State of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 2018 eBook

    The past year was challenged with a new administration that was both unpredictable and unconventional, a new FDA commissioner, and high levels of scrutiny surrounding drug prices and opioid use

  • Contract Pharma Trends 2018 eBook

    Outsourcing to contract manufacturers can be a valuable, even critical, option allowing companies to focus their resources and talents on their primary objectives

  • eBook: Smart Pharma

    It’s not too late for the pharmaceutical industry to dodge its reputation for being behind other industries in terms of adopting technology.

  • Cloud Software’s Silver Lining

    Changing business requirements have pushed pharma’s current IT solutions and tools to their limits, and without the right IT infrastructure, it will quickly become too burdensome to develop and manufacture drugs.

  • eBook: Pharmaceutical Serialization

    As the industry invests in serialization capabilities to ensure regulatory compliance, they have the opportunity to explore how serialization can be used to develop new processes and capabilities.

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