Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Special Report: Raman Spectroscopy


Experts often repeat the fact that no single analytical technology should dominate any pharmaceutical quality control toolkit.

Each method, from the ubiquitous near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy on, has its strengths. However, in recent months, one method is starting to stand out: Raman is establishing a major presence in pharma QC applications. Raman allows for remote in-situ measurements, and can take readings of material within containers. It can also help users discern polymorphs, and crystalline vs.
hydrated forms of the same material.

In this Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Special Report FDA's John Kauffman describes the vast potential of portable Raman devices - even for those who are not trained spectroscopy experts; we provide both technical and fundamental resources on Raman and provide a comparison between Raman and other spectroscopy methods. Read Now.

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