MSN Analysis of Natural Nutraceutical Supplements


Over the past 5 years, a rising trend in the use of over-the-counter alternative/complementary medicine has lead to a sharp growth in the global nutraceutical market. A recent herbal supplements market report estimated a 1.7% average annual growth rate from $5.5 billion in 2005 to $6.1 billion projected for 2011. This is highlighted by the widespread increase in the regular personal use of natural health supplements such as red fruit anthocyanins, green-tea and ginseng. Typically, electrospray techniques have been used in the analysis of these products. In this white paper, Shimadzu investigates the use of MALDI-QIT- TOF-MS in the identification and structural elucidation of biologically active ingredients in red fruit/vegetables, green-tea and ginseng; comparing and contrasting these results with those obtained using ESI-IT-TOF-MS.