MET ONE 3400 Series Portable Airborne Particle Counters


MET ONE 3400 Series airborne particle counters offer faster sampling and simple portability for ease of use and reduced technician time. Lightweight and compact, the instrument features strategically-placed handles for easy lifting: two on the sides and one on the front. Most importantly, dual hot-swappable batteries minimize downtime for seamless operation. For data entry and management, the 3400’s color, high-contrast touch screen facilitates operation and viewing from a greater distance in different lighting and at different angles. An intuitive, icon-driven operating system with touch commands further simplifies the count collecting process. Transfer data quickly from the 3400 via the conveniently-located USB port and flash drive or print results immediately from the built-in printer. Built with Long Life Laser technology, the 3400 performs reliably, promoting low-cost, long-term ownership. For environments concerned with viable organisms, stainless steel construction and unobstructed surfaces permit quick and frequent wipe downs. The 3400 interfaces with PortAll Version 2 software to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, remote scheduling and data download. The software also conducts rapid pass/fail reporting and provides the necessary regulatory documentation for ISO, FDA and EU compliance.