HIAC 9705 Liquid Particle Counting System


HIAC quality and reliability take new shape in the 9705, with exciting developments in liquid particle sampling technology. An innovative sampling process, housed within the 9705’s streamlined case, provides consistent dispersion and highly pure sampling. The 9705 sets new standards for accuracy and efficiency in the analysis of injectables, precision cleaning, parenteral particle counting and verification of WFI / PW / DI waters per USP testing guidelines. The HIAC 9705 can handle both small and large sample sizes thanks to the large volume adapter, which consists of an adjustable height stand and stainless steel tube intake, enables sampling from vessels greater than 125 mL. Easily accommodate IV bags and Large Volume Injectables (LVI) with this included accessory. For the tare volume, the adapter adds 0.054 mL per inch of tubing.