ANATEL A643a Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer


The ANATEL A643a offers reliable, robust performance in water system-critical TOC monitoring. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical market, the ANATEL A643a is fully compliant with industry methods including USP and , EP 2.2.44 and JP XV. With a number of key features, including integrated bottle-sampling, UV Detect Technology, and portability, the A643a can be used across a range of applications. With the integrated bottle-sampling feature, the A643a allows for convenient system suitability testing as required by pharmaceutical TOC methods worldwide. All the necessary standards for calibration, validation, system suitability tests and conductivity verification are available in pre-measured, packaged kits. Results from these various tests are automatically calculated and formatted into reports for display, printing and archival. All the features of the ANATEL A643a can be applied at a dedicated point of use, or in a portable version that can be conveniently moved throughout the high-purity water system for multi-point monitoring, troubleshooting and diagnostics. A portable ANATEL A643a is equipped with an integral printer and C80 controller for complete, self-contained operation without additional external components.