Online Education on RFID Package Tagging Basics

"RFID Package Tagging Basics," an educational presentation given by Bill Delmolino, VP Technical Sales, NJM/CLI Packaging Systems International, during the Pack Expo conference in November, is now available online at Editor's Note: This is extremely useful, but be advised -- the presentation's rich media format makes for a large (7+ MB) file that requires a fair amount of time/bandwidth to download.

Beginning with a definition of an RFID tag and a description of its physical structure, Delmolino’s presentation provides a primer course on RFID package tagging. Covering such topics as the EPC Global Network and the flow of data communication, the presentation explains the various EPC classes and EPC layout as well as common production challenges and the benefits to those that overcome the challenges. Delmolino provides information on a variety of application methods and offers suggestions for implementation.